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Author: Aristides Nakos

A Greek celebration and more

It is the evening of July 20, 2021 on Pacific Standard Time and social media is erupting with a new trend #Giannis # MilwaukeeBucks #GreekFreak. This year’s NBA championship was won by the Milwaukee Bucks, it’s first in 50 years, after its best player, Giannis Sina Ugo Antetokoumbo, put in a historic performance.

I was elated and so were many friends and relatives. This victory was particularly celebrated by Milwaukeeans of course, but also by residents of Greece, for Giannis made Greeks prouds.

Introducing Giannis

Who is Giannis ? He is a…

Author: Aristides Nakos


It is June 2021 and this is a reflection on the fortunate ability to visit my roots, while having the San Francisco Bay area as my base of sustenance and growth. In this journal piece, I examine sentiment, intent, and facts during my sojourn in Greece after a 2 year hiatus.

There will be anecdotal stories on a wide spectrum of topics. From the quality of tourism and infrastructure to the entrepreneurial spirit and plethora of cultural impact. …

Discussing the history of the TRNC and its implications on contemporary energy policy

Author: Ege Acaroglu

A Brief History of the TRNC

Up to the 16th century, Cyprus was almost entirely Greek in population, having been conquered by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and the Venetians, respectively. In 1571, the island was conquered by the Ottoman Sultan Selim II and became part of the Ottoman Empire. …

Discussing the role of hydrogen as a medium of energy storage.

Authors: Cansu Culha, Aristides Nakos


The electric grid offers a way to transport renewable energy into homes; however, renewable energy like solar and wind is not always available. Converting these energy sources into a storable fuel, such as hydrogen fuel, provides a way to save renewable energy for a “rainy day”. This is not the only motivation to convert renewable energy into fuel. Converted fuel can be (a) transported via pipes or vessels, making it ideal for regions that do not have renewable sources of energy, (b) used…

Authors: Ege Acaroglu, Cansu Culha, Roger Michaelides, Aristides Nakos

Introduction to Energy Transmission

The topic of electricity transmission is often overlooked in discussions about transitions to clean energy. In reality, electricity transmission is a key piece of the puzzle of moving to cleaner sources of electricity, not just in the East Mediterranean, but for all countries looking to shift their energy production to more sustainable means.

Historically, the supply of electricity to retail customers in the majority of countries was mostly through vertically-integrated, regionally dispersed utilities. So for example, while TEDAS, the Turkish Authority for Electricity Distribution, would overlook the development of new transmission…

An introduction to natural gas demand and economic, educational, and governmental barriers to a clean energy transition

Authors: Ege Acaroğlu, Cansu Çulha, Roger Michaelides, Aristides Nakos

Introduction to Natural Gas

Natural gas (NG) was first extracted in 1821 in NY, in shallow fractures. NG is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture, a fossil fuel, primarily consisting of methane, but will likely contain traces of other alkanes, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and noble gases. It is formed when organic matter is covered in mud under high pressure at depths of 1–2 miles. It’s quite often found near oil deposits. There…

An introduction of energy demand and usage in Turkey, Cyprus, and Greece. Authors: Ege Acaroglu, Cansu Culha, Aristides Nakos

We are Turks, Greeks, and Cypriots that love our roots and wish to sustain them. Let’s get to work.


The European Union is a regulatory body for European Nations which includes Greece and Cyprus, hence has the power to motivate a certain energy market for those countries. Although Turkey is not within the EU, they benefit from certain programs set forth by the EU. As a result, the EU is a leading body in the realm of sustainability for the three nations.

As a major sponsor of the Paris Climate Accord, Europe intends to keep the temperature difference between…

Mediterranean Sustainability Coalition

A discussion group on geopolitical and environmental sustainability with a focus in the countries of Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus.

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